Care for the dog bed


General Care For Your Dog's Bed

Slumber Wolf Dog Beds are beautiful pieces of hardwood furniture. They will not tolerate being left outside in extreme heat or cold and will be damaged by prolonged exposure to water. Prolonged exposure to the elements will cause both the wood and cotton rope to warp and eventually split. It is best to place it out of direct sunlight to avoid colour fading. The temptation to place it too close to the fire should be resisted for both the bed and occupant.

Being a natural fibre, wool has properties that mean it doesn't pick up and hold onto odours readily. It can be vacuumed without detaching from the frame to remove any debris and hair.

As the wool topper on a Slumber Wolf Dog Bed is removable it can be washed should it become fragrant. To remove the topper slip it off the wooden toggles found at each corner. 

Machine or hand wash ( hand wash is preferable )at a maximum of 30C / 90F. Wash with mild liquid detergents. Do not use detergents containing enzymes. Do not scrunch the fibres but move the water gently through the fibres. Spin gently.

Dry flat on a towel. Stretch to shape whilst still damp. Do not place the damp sheepskin onto the cotton weave or dog bed frame. Do not dry in direct sunlight or artificial heat. Do not tumble dry. It is best to allow the sheepskin to dry slowly. 

Brushing the sheepskin with a bristle brush will restore the fluffy appearance and soft feel.

The hardwood dog bed frame is finished with a beeswax butter. Refreshing the wood occasionally with another application is a simple wipe on and wipe off procedure.