The Story Of The Slumber Wolf Dog Bed

Slumber Wolf was originally launched by owner Edward Hanlon, in Canada, at The Toronto Interior Design Show where the beds received praise for their distinctive look and quality. Relocating back to England after 16 years abroad, Edward re-established Slumber Wolf from his home in Suffolk.

Slumber Wolf aims to produce a dog bed which is comfortable for the pet and a beautiful piece of furniture. Many "luxury" dog beds are just pieces of foam or miniaturised ordinary sofa designs, factory made with synthetic materials. We only use the best quality wood, rope and wool crafted together to make a unique creation.

Making The Dog Bed

Each bed frame starts as rough timber planks which are dimensioned, cut and marked for the joinery. 

Cutting the mortise

Up to 34 mortise and tenon joints are used on a Slumber Wolf dog bed. Each joint is individually cut and fitted.

Cutting the tenon.

Sizing the tenon of the dog bed

Final sizing of the tenon

Fitting the tenon of the dog bed

Fitting the tenon

The weave provides the base for the dog bed. The process of weaving, while time-consuming, produces a truly distinctive look.

Weaving the warp on the dog bed

Weaving the warp using a "flying shuttle"

Weaving the weft of the dog bed

Weaving the weft

Each length of rope is spliced to the last to produce a single piece for the whole weave.

Finally a sheepskin topper is fitted to the dog bed frame and weave. Held in place with hand crafted wooden toggles the topper is removable and washable. Wool helps regulate body temperature all year round and will not deteriorate like synthetics. 

The careful crafting at each stage of manufacturing, the quality of the natural materials used and the beautiful design make the Slumber Wolf Dog Bed the most luxurious dog bed in the world.