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  • Cute dog sits on beautiful luxury dog bed
  • Proud poodle lying on luxurious bed for the larger dog
  • close up of dog bed shows detail of craftsmanship
  • Jack Russell lies on the cool wool of a luxury dog bed made of walnut and maple
  • Custom handcrafted dog bed made from walnut and zebrawood with a wool topper

"The beds from Slumber Wolf are not just any beds, they are beds that will last generations of beloved dogs. The quality is exemplary, the craftsmanship is second to none and the elegant design of each piece gives every thought to the comfort of its lucky occupant, The Chippendale of canine furniture, Slumber Wolf will become a family heirloom." The Countess Bathurst.

Lady Bathurst is a Trustee and Management Committee Member for The National Foundation for Retired Service Animals. Find out more about what this important charity does by visiting www.nfrsa.org.uk

"Beautiful Craftsmanship And So Pet Posh"

Jackie Glass -  Design expert on CityLine TV show. See more from Jackie at @jackieglassinc 

  • Different species of wood fanned out showing various colours and grains
  • Beeswax bars on a zebrawood rail
  • Closeup of three different shades of wool used to make Slumber Wolf dog beds

Made Entirely In England From Natural Products

No nails, no screws and no synthetics are used when creating a Slumber Wolf bed 

Hand Crafted Using Traditional Joinery To Create The World's Most Luxurious Dog Beds